• When will my team practice?    

          Each team will practice based upon coach and field availability.  Practices at the ballpark will be scheduled typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Teams will practice up to 2 times per week before the season starts and once per week during the season.

  •  When are games played and how often?

        Games will be scheduled on Monday and Thursday evenings.  We do our best to schedule the tiny tot and tee ball games early (6 P.M.).  Coach pitch and live arm games start as late as 7:30 P.M.  Make up games from rain outs can potentially be scheduled on Saturday mornings.

  • What equipment do parents/players need?

        Players will need to provide their own glove, baseball pants, and cleats.  Players may use their own bats and batting helmets if they choose.  Teams bats, batting helmets, and catchers gear are provided to each coach.  Your coach will contact you to let you know what color (grey or white, etc) of baseball pants you will need.

  • What equipment is provided by Burns Park Baseball?

        Burns Park Baseball will provide an MLB replica jersey and cap.  We will also provide a team bat and batting helmets.

  • How do I become a coach or volunteer?

    Simply add the note to your player application or feel free to email Ron Gray at ron.gray@att.com.  A background check is required for all coaches.